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SCYLLA - Zlotech
SCYLLA - Zlotech
SCYLLA - Zlotech


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Meet Scylla the modified monster of the deeps.

Scylla is a project developed in our secret pleasure labs!
Our scientist came with the ridiculous idea to try crossbreed a Dolphin and Wolf together!
Off course this did result in a ridiculous creature but OMG the dick of this creature was mighty!

This creature was to dangerous for the ecosystem we know on earth so we had to discontinue this project.
However the mighty cock of this creature was too good not to use! So we decided to make an toy out of it so that it will never be forgotten.

The Scylla dick has an pointy and flexible top like an dolphin, slightly modified with some pleasure ridges and some very fine studs on it for an extra intense sensation.
The base of Scylla has a heavy rockhard knot which comes from the wolf also modified with some extra texture like veins and micro studs.
It's hard to conquer the whole Scylla cock but you can try it. Can you take the knot?

It's the perfect toy for G-spot stimulation and stretching.