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Meet Zlotech Vinny! A non penetrative sextoy designed exclusively for external clitoris and labia stimulation.

It's not always about the penetration so that is why we created another grinder like toy designed exclusively for external clitoris and labia stimulation.

What makes this grinder special? Well it's really comfy in the hand which makes masturbating very pleasing with this toy, and also it comes with 12 tentacle suckerpads and an suction cup at the bottom of the toy, this way you can stick it at your partner or at an object like an Amsterdammertje (a Dutch traffic pole) for example and rub the hell out of Vinny for an intense climax! When not using it as an sextoy you can use it as an stressball or as an desk punch pad!

Best used with some water based lubricant!

Vinny is fun for all! Get yours today!

All our toys are Vegan made from 100% body safe platinum cure silicone with 100% bodysafe liquid pigments or powders.
All our products will be shipped in a discrete plain box.

Firmness: medium shore 15

height: 4,4 cm |
Width: 8,8 cm | 

Only use water based lubricant with our toys.

All our toys can be cleaned with a toy cleaner and some water.